Limit Youtube Video streaming on MikroTik

Previously I've written a Mikrotik Tutorial about Limiting download with IDM in Mikrotik, this time I will share again on how to limit the streaming video, especially youtube.

This step by step limit Youtube Video streaming:
  1. Create a first-http-protocol video layer7
  2. /ip firewall layer7-protocol add name=http-video regexp="http/(0\.9|1\.0|1\.1)[\x09-\x0d ][1-5][0-9][0-9][\x09-\x0d -~]*(content-type: video)"
  3. Create Mark Mangle Packet http-video
  4. /ip frewall mangle add action=mark-packet chain=prerouting comment="http-video mark-packet" \ disabled=no layer7-protocol=http-video new-packet-mark=http-video \ passthrough=no
  5. Create a Simple Queue http-video
  6. /queue simple add max-limit=0/64000 name=http-video packet-marks=http-video
Changes will be felt when playing streaming video on youtube. so good luck

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