Install Mikrotik 3.20 to 3.30 Cracked

Starting from a desire to learn to use Mikrotik as LoadBlance between two 3G mobile internet service, trying with difficulty to use mikrotik 3:22 version was not supported by the PCC who feature reliable for LB, so capitalize stained guugle ubek2 tuch dictionary I have.
As a result, the end may also be a guide to using mikrotik software this v.320 upward.
Viewed from fame, mikrotik always continue to grow from time to time. many feature from mikrotik also in attendance, one of which is useful for input into the PCC configuration Loadbalancing internet connection.
how can we immediately began installing software licensed mikrotik v3.20 using crack.

1. Mikrotik Router OS v3.20
2. Software Mikrotik Crack v.3xx
3. v3.30.npk or upgrade mikrotik os v3.30.iso
4.winbox, could find themselves

Step by step

1. mikrotik install v3.20 first just as it follows the original, select all packages except for MPLS-test, routing-test and Xen.

2. after that install to complete and then reboot.

3. Sign in to Mikrotik already installed with a default user: admin password empty. then we set ip interface that connect to the computer with the command on the console client mikrotik:

ip address add address = interface = ether1

4. then extract the files Crack-mikrotik-3:30 into the directory eg c: \ Keygen.

5. into the software mikrotik using Winbox, then click the file, copy it keygen.npk file is in directory c: \ Keygen to mikrotik. restart mikrotik afterwards.
6. then open a command prompt window, navigate to the directory eg keygen cd c: \ Keygen.
7. type in the command prompt:

then type:

roskey /dev/hda-EYN 7PEZ

8. It's just wait for it to finish, takes between 10menit-> 1hr depending on the hardware use. if who later succeeded out the words "7PEZ-EYN work fine."
9. If the writing is already out, switch off immediately mikrotik, not in the software mikrotik reboot, but immediately shut down (unplug cable).
10. Life's more mikrotiknya, access by using Winbox, mikrotik still trial here, we paste it / import an existing key in the directory c: \ Keygen earlier, after it reboot.
11. Finally, mikrotik already licensed with the level 4.
12. If you want to raise the version from v3.20 to v3.30 can be two ways,
a. The first, using software-x86-3.30.npk RouterOS, the paste it into a file directory mikrotik, then on reboot.
b. second, by re-installing direct-3.30.iso mikrotik software, with a record of how to install it seprti first step on the course. after the install is completed, no longer need the crack, then the license will remain as v3.20.
Just as an for those of you who want try mikrotik version, mikrotik v3.20 which has been crack like the above, can be upgraded / install to version v3.30 and above it to run well.

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